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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bearing Fruit

Lately, I have been fascinated by a small pear tree behind my house...

We planted a pear tree in our backyard 1 year ago. Already, this tree has produced an ample amount of fruit. In fact, our pear tree has produced so much fruit that one of the branches was falling over, about to break off the tree. Before the branch could break, we picked a bounty of pears for our whole family to enjoy.

That got me thinking about God and how he asks us to be like a pear tree, bearing fruit. Aren't we called as Christians to bear fruit? In John 15:8 it says that "by this my Father is glorifed, that you bear fruit." When we bear fruit like a pear tree, we bring glory to God.

Our pear tree receives life from the sun and water. It's roots are nourished and replenished with life giving food so that it can produce fruit.

In Psalm 1:3 it says that a tree planted by the stream will not wither, that it will always bear fruit and prosper. When we are planted firmly in God's word and His life giving water, we will be like a tree that bears fruit.

While I struggled with an eating disorder there was no fruit on my tree. I was like a tree that sucked up every ounce of water I could find, but was left dry and withered; dying. But in recovery, I have begun to plant my tree by the stream of God's living water. My tree isn't full yet, but my roots are being filled and the leaves are green.

I desire to be more like my pear tree. I want to be so full of fruit that my branches are falling over, about to break off. I want my fruit to fill up a large kitchen bowl, with plenty left to share with others.

I want to bear fruit in order to glorify the one who gives me life.