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Monday, January 25, 2010

We're Forgiven

Filling our minds with God's truth is a necessary part of recovery.

On my road to recovery, music has played an integral part of keeping my mind and heart focused on God's word. In the lyrics of songs, Scripture can come to life.

I often catch myself humming a tune from the radio. Meaningful and relevant songs provide a perfect opportunity to fill your heart and mouth with God's Word. As you hum during the day you will continually remind yourself of God's truth in your life. And if you get loud enough, you will remind others of those truths as well.

During the True Reflections classes we speak a lot about God's amazing forgiveness and love for us. The new Sanctus Real song is a wonderful reflection and reminder of those truths. I have found myself soaking in the words of this beautiful song, I'm Forgiven.

Take the time to truly listen to the words of this song...
As we choose to accept His forgiveness and leave our bondage in the past, pray these words...

Dear God,
My failures keep knocking me down. Those mistakes run through my mind as I relive my days over and over. I remember all the wrongs that I've said and done. I struggle with the pain and wrestle with my pride. Sometimes I feel alone and I cry. The devil won't let me forget the past that is constantly playing in my head.

But when I feel that I don't fit in, when I feel that I don't belong anywhere, and when I feel that I don't measure up to much in this life, I can cling to the fact that in Your arms, I know what I am... I'm forgiven. Thank you that I dont have to carry the weight of who I've been. In Your arms, I’m a perfect, beautiful treasure. By your blood, I'm forgiven. Thank you, Jesus.

adapted from the lyrics of Forgiven by Sanctus Real