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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Chapter 2: The Truth of Perfectionism

In chapter 2 we learned about the truth behind perfectionism. Perfectionism is at the root of a poor body image. When we strive to be perfect in all things, we are doubting God and the way that He made us. And Satan loves to capitalize on our doubts and desires for perfectionism. Satan was once beautiful and wise, but his heart became proud and he tried to glorify himself above the God of the universe. Satan still tries to use wisdom, beauty and our desires to be perfect to influence us. When we accept the deceiver's whispers that we're not thin enough or not beautiful enough, we are being fooled. Making yourself beautiful or perfect is not an act of worship to God, it is a distraction from God. Satan would love for all women to feel ugly and useless so that they cannot be influential for God's kingdom. When we put off Satan's lies and trust that God made us in His perfect image, we can be used in His kingdom for good.

Overcoming a poor body image can be done by looking back at how it developed. Think about past experiences with family, friends, coworkers and classmates...

  • How did these past experiences influence how you view yourself today?

We often believe things that negatively impact our body image if we are told them often enough. But believing this false information about our bodies blinds us from seeing who we really are.

  • What have you been told about your body by others?
  • What have you been telling yourself about your body?
  • At what times or what situations have you struggled with body image the most?

It is important to overcome the negative body image that you have of yourself. Prayer is a powerful combatant against these negative thoughts.
You can ask God for His help...

Dear Heavenly Father,

I recognize that I struggle to know and live out what is truly perfect. I can see how my heart is drawn to Satan's message that perfectionism is the answer. I can easily get focused on wanting perfect beauty rather than wanting You. In the name of Jesus Christ I stand against the world of advertising, diet, the beauty industry, my vanity, and Satan himself. I resist every force that would seek to distract me from who I really am and what you desire for me to do in, and through, this body You gave me. I reject the distorted concepts and ideas that make body perfection sound plausible and desirable. I oppose every attempt to keep me from knowing full fellowship with you.

"The secret to true beauty is being at peace with who you are"