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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Chapter 4: The Body Manufacturer's Instructions...

In this chapter Deborah Newman touches upon some specific instructions from Scripture about how we are to care for our bodies. I will highlight just a few of those here...

"Hating your body is a sign that something
is out of balance in your life"

1) Don't worry about your bodily needs; God will provide for you
This truth comes from Matthew 6:25-33. In this passage of Scripture we are told that life is more important than food and our temporal bodies. Worrying about such things is done by those who aren't fully trusting God. But if we seek God first in everything we do, which includes trusting him for food, clothes and our body, then He will provide for us. When we put our ultimate trust in God we have no need to worry about these things because He will always provide for our needs. How often do we disregard the daily things that God does for us?

Take time to thank God today for...
Food in your home...
you are not starving to death
Clothes in your closet...
you are not naked
The ability to walk and run...
you are not paralyzed

God certainly does provide for our every need!

2) Don't worry about your body as much as your soul
This one really hits home. How many times have I been more concerned about exercising, making my next meal or losing weight than about spending time in God's Word? I am ashamed of the number of times I have chosen to worry about my body and not the condition of my soul. In Matthew 10:28-31 God instructs us to be just as cautious of things that control our soul as things that control our bodies. There will always be people in this world that can hurt and destroy our bodies, but we are in control of protecting our soul.

Are you more concerned about the condition of your body than your soul?
How often do you put exercise and food before being in the presence of God?

3) Don't offer your body to sin, but offer it to God
Sometimes sin can be a scary word. It seems so intimidating. In essence, sin is anything that pulls us away from the presence of God. When our thoughts and actions are being controlled by something apart from glorifying God, we are being sinful. Romans 6:11-14 states that our body should be offered to God, not sinful purposes. Our bodies are meant to be used for righteousness. Every day we are faced with choices regarding our body. Our bodies are gifts from God and He desires for us to give ourselves to Him so that his purposes can be carried out in this world.

What consumes your mind most of the day?
How does that affect the actions you take with your body?

4) Our bodies are temporary
What good news to know that we won't always live in these bodies that get sick, broken-down, and age. It's important to keep the focus that these bodies are temporary places for us to glorify the kingdom of God. In the end it will not matter if our bodies are skinny or fat, short or tall. Some day these earthly bodies will be traded for an eternity with our Heavenly Father. But when we become consumed with the condition of our body and food that we eat, we are in danger of straying from God's presence. 2 Corinthians: 6-10 states that "We live by faith, not by sight. It is better to be away from the body and at home with the Lord."

Are you living as if your body is a temporary dwelling?