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Monday, April 19, 2010

YouTube Playlist...

We use songs a lot during True Reflections. When you are listening to the words of a song, your mind escapes to the images and stories being told. Your heart is free to feel the emotions in the song. Songs take real life experiences and connect them with God's heart so that they can touch yours.

Because songs are so powerful, I love to fill my mind with ones that make me reflect on Christ and my identity in Him. One of my YouTube playlists is specifically geared towards just that. There are times when it's hard to put my identity in Him. Or sometimes I'm just confused by things of this world. At those times, I turn to these songs and I am reminded of God's Word and His truths.

There are many other wonderful songs out there addressing God's great love for us and who we are in Him. But these are some of my current favorites.

Listen to these songs and soak in God's truth for you today...
that He loves you and He wants you to find everything you need in Him; nothing and no one else.